About me

There is a ton of information about health, fitness, nutrition and overall wellness on the internet today, right? So how can that info help flatten your gut? Or trim your waistline? The sad truth is…..information alone is useless!

It’s real and consistent action that ultimately gets results, right? But do you know what comes before action? Trust! You need to trust the information and the source that provided the information.

What you’re about to read will prove to you, why you can trust me plus all the helpful tips, suggestions and resources I share here on this site.

My name is Felicia Starks and I’m a certified personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and lifestyle weight management coach ho has cracked the “code” and knows the science behind getting you in the best shape of your life.

Many of my readers and personal clients trust me for one reason more than any other, because when it comes to really struggling with my weight…I have had my own personal experience with fat loss and body transformation.

I understand first hand the emotional and motivational side of embarking upon a fat loss journey.

I also understand the unique demands of a woman’s busy schedule (single, married with kids, empty nester, etc) and offer practical insight on time management strategies to help you boost your level of success in crushing your goals.

My mission is to inspire, uplift, encourage and empower you to live a fit and healthy lifestyle for yourself and God by re-introducing you to yourself and I firmly believe that your health is your wealth!